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You Should Stand For Your Rights NOW - Some People In Bellville CAN'T Stand The Truth! | Documents In Epic Case

LEGAL NOTICE: The Authors specifically invoke the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and of the press, without prejudice, on this website. The information posted on this website is published for informational purposes only under the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution for the United States of America.

DOCUMENT RELEASE I am releasing documents to the public of my HOA Abuse. I REFUSE to be censored. This nightmare happened in the Piney Creek neighborhood in Bellville Texas Disabled Grandmother Becomes Social Warrior In Epic HOA Awareness Campaign for Homeowner Awareness

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

It is my constitutional right to express my thoughts on this blog. This blog is made up of facts and opinion and my goal is to bring awareness to homeowners to beware of out of control HOA's that lurk in your neighborhood. 

(keep reading! there is a way that you CAN help yourself!) 

Small Town HOA Bellville Tx Spends $100,000 In 8 years, Hires 13 lawyers To Close Chicken Coop In the Country! Find Out Who Is Behind This

Do you know how embarrassing it is to stand up and say "Hi everyone my life is ruined and I lost everything that I own." Look at me I am a failure!"This is why there are not any more lawsuits against me from the Piney Creek HOA as they can't sue a former resident that lost home, business and farm!, since there is no money in it for the HOA now they are not suing me! Since I do not have anything else to "lose." This is one reason I'm telling my story for everyone to read! what else do I have to lose????) First, about me personally, I dislike much talking about myself to people. I'm painfully private and seriously introverted. I'm chronically disabled with Post Polio Syndrome, (can't take pain medicine at all and wouldn't anyway) Epilepsy, Ulcers (what a shock!) Motor Neuropathy, Cancer Survivor (loss of a kidney) And beginning stages of Parkinson's Disease that claimed the lives of several family members. There are a host of many other medical conditions that I am afflicted with too... but I just have to keep going to share my story and to bring awareness to everyone living in HOA's to know that their rights have been taken away. All of this stress has NOT been good for my frail health anyway.  

Former HOA treasurer indicted 

on theft, fraud charges

 Actual Stories Of Arrest and Conviction

Is This Happening In Bellville Soon Happen In When This Investigation Is Over? 

The Winds Of Change Are Heading To Bellville Finally!

Do this experiment: Ask people what they think of their HOA in your neighborhood, Talk to the neighbors that do NOT have a problem with the HOA, (they do not care do they?) 

Now start talking to neighbors that are stuck in the system of harassment and abuse from the HOA's There is not ONE that's  NOT O-N-E NEIGHBOR THAT WILL HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THE HOA. (In fact if any of their families have had any dealings with HOA's They probably despise the HOA anyway) Go ahead and try it. 

If you have an HOA problem, once it starts there is NOTHING that attorneys can do but take your money and laugh! THE  LEGAL SYSTEM IS BROKEN YOU HAVE TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF NO ONE ELSE WILL HELP YOU. There are places where you can post your story. Next week there is another story right behind your, then another one... and so on. Abuse by homeowner associations is rampant all over the country. 

Thankfully there are some senators now looking into changing some laws to protect homeowners. My story has reached TOP T-O-P level in the judicial system and it looks like my case and several others are being reviewed in the next session with the plans on reviewing out of control HOA's and to take steps to change laws. 

Actually three Texas Senators support my case and have researched it (they will not be named at this time due to the legality of the situation) these Senators are professionally and legally documenting this case for upcoming legislation forums.

Ok Its Time To "Take Of The Gloves" I'm Sick To Death Of Lawyers, Aren't You? 

I've tried everything over the years to close this abuse and harassment from the Piney Creek HOA in Bellville Texas. As you can see in this link to their website they are having a public meeting in a public bank to still talk about this legal "case" 

Further, before I went "public" with this story and became a activist against HOA abuse - We reached out by legal letter to the Piney Creek POA asking for an out of court settlement. The responded to me and all residents with a letter of hatred and mockery and publicized it and sent to everyone  in Piney Creek. Also, at this time we have filed a case against the Piney Creek Insurance (D&O) directors and officers insurance for breech of duties, fiduciary irresponsibility and the losses we have endured for 8 years. (and other legal jargon that I do not remember) We have a Federal Judge's ruling that they were capricious arbitrary and discriminatory against us and our business. Case No 09-34958

We no longer even live in Bellville and I have moved to Austin Texas. LOL for the last 8 years when they have an "election" of "new board members" the new board directors are all relatives of current board members or neighbors/friends and have been elected before.  The SAME 3 married couples and a few friends are elected. (The current HOA run each election and they count the votes get it?) The HOA will not let my husband and one other resident that opposed them run for the last election. (that is really illegal! and corrupted to the core!) 

 I, Mary Ann Fordyce aka "The Chicken Lady" am a working HOA activist and blogger for the rights of homeowners everywhere.

Plus, I have been on many radio talk shows, blogs and forums expressly to state my case against HOA Abuse. At this time we have many HUNDREDS of news investigative reporters that are covering my personal story above along with other cases of abuse. All over the USA!

Look at the links above. So do you still think that I am in this for just me?????? This Blog is not about ME!!! This blog is about homeowners RIGHTS against Abusive HOA's. 

So directly or indirectly this story has touched LITERALLY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE And their stories affect me as well. Lets all work together to stop HOA Abuse!

I am only ONE VOICE in many hundreds of thousands that are speaking against the uncontrolled rules of the HOA's in USA. My purpose is like most HOA activists:

1)  Tell my story. (like I said in the video "to the whole world")

2) Encourage others to be aware of the HOA in their area

3) Report to your or Facebook Business page what your HOA is up to and what abuses are happening in your area

4) Helping others to know their rights

5)  Start an awareness or Facebook Homeowner Rights group in your area

6) Attempt communication with your HOA "outside" the legal system.

7) Be aware that NO ONE really cares about your particular situation directly. People will listen polite to your "poor me HOA" story and then go about their day. 

8) The legal system is there to make money for the lawyers. In most cases the legal system will tie you up in YEARS of litigation and many thousands of dollars. (this is what its there to do) Remember that there is really NO WINNER if your case gets to court. (OK the lawyer wins as he is laughing himself to the bank!) 

9) Most (not really most but ALL) people living in HOA's don't give a rat's A$$ about the HOA and what they are doing. But when the legal letters start arriving in their mailboxes that the flower box in their window sill is in violation of the deed rules and legal letters start flooding in your mail boxes with legal bills and court dates, summons, cease and desist orders, and threats......THEN people frantically start wondering what they can do... People this abuse is OUT OF CONTROL! WE ALL NEED TO STAND UP AND SHARE STORIES LIKE MINE AND OTHERS TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW! 

You may not care NOW about your HOA, but you will start caring real fast if its about your family, business and your personal freedoms. THEN.

( hint: lots of good ideas below!) 

This case of harassment is one of thousands happening to homeowners all over AMERIKA at this time. Keep all documentation between you and your HOA for your records. Here are a few pages of documents that I am releasing. I have compiled a few legal documents to release to the public. (yes its legal for me to do this) See REAL documents from REAL people in a court of law. My motivations for writing these blogs are to warn potential home buyers to be careful when selecting a neighborhood. Know your HOA BEFORE you make a large purchase. Seek
legal information background on your HOA by asking residents in the neighborhood if the HOA is reasonable or has too many lawsuits. 

- My Story from Piney Creek Bellville Texas regarding out of control Homeowner Associations
Before you choose to purchase a property in the Piney Creek area of Bellville Texas, think again! The HOA changed the laws and rules to single me and my family out. They can do the same thing to you!  The HOA in Piney Creek changed the laws and rules again and again to single me out and until they shut down my business, caused the foreclosure of my home and ruined my life. will NOT be censored and tell my story about this shameful abuse everywhere. This is my constitutional right! Until you are abused by your HOA you won't do anything. One day your family may receive a "letter in the mail" from your HOA. That's when your legal nightmares begin. You'll to do
something then. Start taking steps NOW.   I have just been informed that HOA's will soon be subject to crimes for their actions. Some states are now changing the laws to make stalking and abuse from HOA's a CRIME, sadly it did not come in time for our family or this group of unbalanced (in my opinion) people in the Piney Creek association for homeowners would have been indicted for their crimes! (again in my opinion) But its a FACT that states are now making laws tp protect homeowners from criminal HOA's! I personally believe that the 
phrase "domestic terrorists" are a good way to describe these groups. They terrorize you in your own home! 

Did you know that when you purchase homes with HOA's there is legal language within that can take away your home? You are giving away your RIGHTS to the property that you want to purchase to people that you will not know anything about. I know enough to know that I have been done wrong and that there should be rules, regulations and guidelines to become "watchman" over the antics of Homeowner Associations. Further there should be a Bill Of Rights that the HOA must sign and agree to not over step normal bounds.

The REAL professionals that know much more about HOA laws are HOA Reform Coalition Of Texas and On The Commons Radio Show where I was a guest speaker on HOA abuseYou may want to consider to review this information BEFORE making a purchase of a home in an HOA controlled area. Also, people that live in HOA's NOW in my opinion I would suggest that one or more homeowners form a committee and make a Facebook Community page for your neighborhood. Not only will it get neighbors talking with one another, you can keep you HOA in check and you can report on any harassing HOA activity ASAP in your neighborhood. 

Cause 2015V-0096 Temporary Restraining Order
To Close Business And To Demand Shut Down Of My Website
Really? By Who's Authority Can An HOA Shut Down A Website?
This Can Happen To Your Business If You Live In the Wrong HOA

Everyone needs to know how many lawsuits against homeowners are going on now in their own neighborhood for petty things.  wrong color flowers, grass is 1/4 inch too tall, grass on sidewalk too far onedge.) Oh, yes there are LAWSUITS going on in courts across AMERIKA right now for these petty things! 

Why? Because homeowners give the HOA's the power to control them!  STOP IT - 

BRAVO!  My personal HOA case as well as several other homeowners / HOA cases finally have reached the proper channels! An inquiry and investigation is UNDERWAY SOON!  Thanks to the many organizations and Facebook groups for your support in getting my case to the proper
agencies for this investigation. Please share this blog and this story. You very well may be helping your own future! Over the course of the last 8 years many of my neighbors and then friends turned away in silence not "wanting to get involved" with this HOA problem. Actually there were a few kind souls in the area that tried to encourage us along the way as things imploded. They too dissipated. What do I want? What am I trying to accomplish? I ask myself this each and every day. I'm rebuilding my life all over again when I should be planning my Golden Years, I am starting all over! at my age! I want to be heard. I want anyone and everyone to know that what happened to me and my family can happen to your family too in a second. When I realizes how out of control these people were I had to take a stand! Pretty much I am a strong person, and can handle intense problems as they arise against me personally, but when I feel that my family is threatened by these actions my "mother instinct" kicks in to make me stand and fight to protect my families interests. 
Here is a mediated agreement that we agree to sell our house. In exchange to sell chickens for one more year. Basically, they were running us out of town. But sadly our business was shut down and we lost our home and farm before we could sell it

Here is a doozy! the then president of the Piney Creek HOA Larry Ray Dawson-  DEMANDS the shut down of my website and business. He and his wife and all other board members were running businesses out of their homes.
Are these people CRAZY?

These blogs ( and all of their copies, news documentaries, videos, photos, release of documents, audio and all) are my right to share these legal cases. 

All of the information that I or my marketing companies publish are to warn people about abusive HOA's and to know your rights. All of this information will forever stay posted on the Internet, Blogs, Videos and Social Media. The information about abusive HOA's will be on their permanent record. THEIR PERMANENT RECORD! Maybe potential home buyers will think carefully before purchasing a home in a neighborhood with an out of control HOA 

But I do not want this disaster to happen to anyone. This is the reason that I MUST speak out!  This is why new laws MUST be made. We all know that this is not the same America that we grew up in 40 or 50 years ago. People are

speaking out everywhere against injustice. I cannot KEEP SILENT anymore. Neither should you! 

So even though I am a quiet reclusive type yet I feel compelled to speak out against injustice. This is all WRONG. All I wanted was to be left alone to have chickens as a small business in my backyard. 

My family was violated and hurt, we lost all that we had due to a few "board members" of a homeowners association in Bellville Texas (Piney Creek subdivision to be exact. They would not allow a zone variance in our chicken
Here Is A Letter Published On The Bulletin
Board Stating The HOA Intent To Shut Down My Business 

coop. My chicken coop was four FEET from the boundary line of our business being inside of the Piney Creek property. For eight long years we battled in the courts until my business was shut down and we lost our home to foreclosure. Gleefully that thought that it was over.... But now I'm bbaaccccckkkk!

My crime? running a chicken business in my backyard acres away from my neighbors that sold cattle and horses. It did NOT escape a Federal Judge that one of the board members Kathy Hayward ( a secretary on the board at the time) actually made the complaint about my chicken coop, she lived a mile away and she has a website  (since shut down I wonder why?) where she bought and sold chickens and fertile eggs! and she was on the board and Kathy was running her business from her home and in fact had actually sold me eggs and chickens!.... but I was not allowed to have a business, Why?

Larry Ray Dawson and his wife Denise Dawson had a gift basket company where they sold gift baskets to the neighbors. Larry Ray Dawson was the then President of the Homeowners Association in Piney Creek Bellville Texas. But I was not allowed to have my business Why? 

Larry Ray Dawson filed false charges against my company with the TCEQ after never having even set foot on our property. Why? 

And on and on.... There is not the need to re-hash eight long years of these unjust events. 

It nearly amuses me at this point, now that I have left the actual area of Bellville Texas if Judy Manning (President/Secretary/Treasure and all other titles that she gives herself) if she is devising a way to spend more than the $100,000 that she has already used from the accounts of the Piney Creek account? To date this "HOA" have used funds of over $100,000, hired 8 law firms, 13 attorneys and harassed me for 8 years of my LIFE to close my chicken coop. Really?

Will Judy Manning and her board of directors spend more money now in a civil suit to stop me from telling the truth? How will the homeowners in Piney Creek subdivision react? When they know how that this HUGE sum of money has been used unjustly and was this money spent approved by the 
Judy Manning Letter To Judge Claiming The HOA Was Broke
They Had Spent Nearly $20,000 In ONE Month! But They Still
Continued The Legal Cases, Hired More Lawyers and Spent
OVER $100,000 (and counting) Dollars To Close A chicken Coop In The Country
homeowners? I think not. In my opinion, Judy Manning, Bill Manning, Jimmie Byrd, Barbara Byrd, Bob Johnson and all of the rest of them likely did not ask the homeowners to what limits should they spend this kind of money.

So the good news by a miracle my poultry business survived and yes it was me that pulled myself up by my bootstraps. There was no one there to help me out of this abuse nightmare - 

What IDIOT allows such documents to be
filed in a court of law? The HOA
members themselves and other residents were
running their own businesses down the street!
Yet they shut down my business?
Thinking that I was all alone it this world and now I find that there are thousands of homeowners just like me suffering just to avoid problems in a hellish neighbor against neighbor dispute. many homeowners have suffered even worse fates than mine. See links below. 

Thus far in my wars against ALL HOA's I have been a guest on national radio shows, hear other peoples stories

Become a featured article in the HOA Reform Coalition of Texas,…/texas-my-life-ruined-by-h…/

Many more blogs and news stories being published daily! 

Read this back story and help me to share this story. We are trying to get laws changed forever to protect homeowners from "domestic terrorism" In my opinion. This is what HOA's have become, LEGAL 
domestic terrorists that can destroy your life and those around you. 

Here The HOA is voting to
change the rules again to their favor

Note: In over 8 years I have learned a little about the law... I am able to NAME these people in my blog as I am quoting PUBLIC RECORD. (not this is not liable in quoting public record) I am naming these individual that have LIED against me as its proven in a court of law. In my opinion this is despicable behavior coming from adults that are running the Piney Creek community Homeowner Association board! 

If I still lived In Piney Creek area I would DEMAND an accounting of all funds spent by Judy Manning, Bob Johnson, Barbara Byrd, Jimmie Byrd and the others. In my opinion they are using the Piney Creek Association funds like their own piggy bank!  Where is the accountability? 


NOTES FROM  Case No 09-34958


Here are the exact excerpts of Judge Bohm Decree Case No. 09-34958 that was finalized September 24th 2013. We will gladly assist you in getting you a copy from Harris County Federal court if you need direction to review this case.

·         The WHOLE truth of this situation should be ultimately examined by the courts and with someone with the authority to create some common sense rules and guidelines or regulations to govern the unrestricted Homeowners Associations.

·         C-18 No board representatives or board member has ever personally visited the property for the purposes of the investigation of the business.

(that is right they began lawsuits against me and my family without ever visiting my property)

·         C-20 A neighbor that lives down the street was in the video at the SENS center meeting and states that they did not know that there were chickens and that there was no smell

 (the HOA filed false charges against my business with the State of Texas with the TCEQ for environmental damage to community. this was admitted to under oath in a court of law)

·         C-21 On May 27th (the same day as the SENS center meeting) the TCEQ performed a surprise inspection of Blue Star Ranch and found that we passed inspection 100% no chicken droppings, no odor and they concluded that we are using best management practices.

(proof that there was not an odor issue at my place of business. It was a LIE)

·         C-23 The association failed to present ANY evidence that the property values in Piney Creek are due to chicken activities.

(HOA sent out letters to community that my business was damaging to property values again more lies)

·          D25 Mr. Dawson 2012 board member states that under oath he has no personal knowledge of chicken breeding or egg production on the property.

(that's right he saw a website of mine and decided to file charges against my business, more over.. he lied to my IP provider and shut down my website three times caused me loss of business)

·         D24 Ms. Hayward, The secretary on the board of directors, lives at least a mile from the property and has no personal knowledge of any noxious odors or increased in traffic due to activities and she based her complaint solely acquired from reading our website.


·         D26 Mr. Dawson has never detected any noxious odors coming from the property.

(see he lies to state officials stating these things, files false charges with the state if Texas to start investigation.. but actually never even saw my property. More lies!)

·         E28 ether property owners in Piney Creek operate businesses from their homes with the intent to make a profit. The association is aware of multiple property owners in Piney Creek that sell chickens, eggs and livestock including cattle.

(both Larry Ray Dawson past president and Kathy Hayward Secretary both were running businesses from their homes, may businesses in this rural location had cattle add livestock, chicken businesses)

·         The Association has a history of allowing residents to operate a business in Piney Creek The association did not extend such an arrangement to the Fordyce’s

(other businesses were allowed to openly operate in Piney Creek Bellville Texas... only the businesses that the HOA allowed.)

·         Other Piney Creek residents including Ms. Hayward, Also raise and sell chickens and maintain chicken coops.

(Yes! you heard it here! the very person accusing me of running a business also sold chickens and had several businesses running from her own home!)

·         JUDGE BOHM STATES: In sum after reviewing the entire record and applying “totality of the circumstances” test this court finds that in the preponderance of the evidence shows that the association’s exercise of its authority has been arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory toward the Fordyce’s. The judge based his findings ruled that no attorney’s fees were to be awarded to the association.

(end of Judge Bohm Decree Case No 09-34958)

Maybe you will not have problems from your HOA. This is an actual court case and a FEDERAL judge ruled against this HOA in Piney Creek Bellville Texas.

(The HOA did not prevail in this court case (they lost) but they kept changing "deed rules" and spent money on more and more lawyers until they finally shut down my business, my income which led to the foreclosure of my home and loss of everything

To anyone reading this blog: If you live in ANY HOA this scenario could happen to you and your family in a SECOND!  

All I Wanted Was My Own Small Chicken Business And To Be Left Alone 
By My HOA To Have A Simple Life With My Family-

Rocky V -  OK, One More Round! 

My Hero Sylvester Stallone (1990)

" Sue Me For What?"

"Hey Piney Creek HOA In Bellville Texas - 
Go Ahead And Sue Me For What?" 

OK - Its Time To "Take Of The Gloves" 

Remember I said there was something that you can do? 

1) Get up off the ground, no one else is going to help your case- sorry my friend no one really cares!

2) Most people will listen to your story and secretly be glad its not them that the HOA is bothering. But they may listen to your story.

3) Make a PLAN to stop the abuse, then do it!

4) Use technology to your advantage example cell phones, spy programs, background apps like private investigators, video phones, security cameras, digital photos and more

5) Become your own private investigator

6) Know your "enemy" the HOA board members what are their weaknesses? where do they work? 

7) Use social media to spread your cause and tell your story. Link to their social media and start telling your story! Remember its easy to get stopped or banned on Facebook so be careful out there!

8) Take out Facebook ads, buy website domains in your HOA names (similar!) make webpages, blogs and more all using the names addresses and phone numbers of the HOA board members

9) Tell your story as it happens. the more public your story becomes the more the HOA will be "outed in their community"

10) Join and tell your neighbors to
be aware of the abuse by the HOA, get your neighbors 
talking too! Get involved in the community

11) Start an awareness watch group for your HOA. 
No one watches them or polices them Plus the lawyers 
protect them too! 

12) Remember is your HOA possible breaking the law?
remember the IRS and FBI have online forms for FREE
that you can fill out to have an investigation started on the 
potential abuse of funds entrusted to them

13) A great way to tell your 
story. When someone looks up the neighborhood
and wants to purchase a home there, they will think twice.
Money talks and no one wants property values to go down

14) Tell your states Attorney General and file a complaint 
you have been abused and potential fraud is going on

15) Where does your HOA board member work? Do they 
have state or licenses? What would their boss think of their

16) Post your story on HOA reform boards, chat boards and
tell whats going on, you will feel better at least!

17) Aaahhhh the enemy of my enemy is my FRIEND
(any questions?) 

18) Look into public mediation (paid) firms to resolve your
situation. Its cheaper than years in court. 

19) Keep all of your legal records, letters and documents
scan and keep everything in the cloud. My case has been 
going on nearly 9 years!

20) Go to their "Linked In" Profile and introduce yourself to 
their co-workers! Tell them your story: send proof!

21) Use Instagram, Pinterest and other social media to post
 information about what they did to you. connect their name and profile

22) Go to their family and friends on their facebook pages. 
get to know them better, then tell the TRUTH about
what they did to you  

23) Use Legal Shield and consult with their lawyers If you have to deal with lawyers this is the cheapest and painless way. from about $20 to $30 per month based on plan. Also highest rated. 

24) Go to your country appraisers office and get addresses and names of people in your neighborhood. They come printed on labels for about $3 a page - Send your neighbors and fellow HOA members the REAL TRUTH in a US Mail letter. Buy some brightly colored envelopes to get their attention! 

26) If all else fails above, well here are a few other ideas
below. keep everything that you do LEGAL. Do not threaten 
to harm anyone (after doing this below you won't have to!) 

Look, I KNOW what you are thinking about doing to your HOA... who hasn't thought of "things" that we hope and wish would happen to them. Just remember its not illegal to THINK about it... just do't do it! they are not worth it! Protect your family by protecting yourself too.

Create your own “mediation group” !!!!! or "hire a few security guards" to “talk” to your HOA directors and officers then neighbors can start being reasonable with each other.

I think HOA's should stop hiding behind lawyers to have fights!  

Remember, most HOA board directors (and the city officials that are their friends) are spineless wimps and hide behind lawyers. They do NOT want the neighborhood to know what they are doing.    EXPOSE THEM ALL - 

         Maybe meet HOA directors their homes or places of business. (hire someone to deliver flowers/pizza)  Flower/pizza deliver guy can be a cover until they meet the “security guards” that are hired for your protection. You can “talk” to your neighbors and HOA directors face to face! If they refuse to talk with you….Video tape them slamming the front door in your face. That will look good on a blog! Send the blog to email everyone in your neighborhood 

       Message your HOA directors a pizza/donuts with a hand written note that you will be meeting them soon to talk face to face.           

  Does an HOA director have an arrest record? Its public, publish the information on your neighborhood watch blog. Has your HOA director been arrested or ever had a DUI? Well tell your neighbors about it as you want them to be informed right? (its legal!)

    Use a phone disguise for your voice and fake caller ID to call the HOA board member business phone or office Here is "Bluff My Call" Talk to secretary or co-worker to find the whereabouts of your HOA board member

           Completely take the HOA directors by surprise by interrupting a business meeting, meet them at lunch on their way to the car…. hire protesters to hold signs behind them, hire a flash mob…. And much more. It may be more effective than letter after letter and court case after court case.  Let their co-workers know what jerks that they really are! (its legal)       

     Plus with that add a document dump, naming Facebook, Twitter and webpages AFTER the directors and officers. Show photos, use recordings, video, drop documents, court records and anything that is “legal” search private investigation sites to “uncover” things in your neighborhood! (yes this too is legal)

          If the HOA lawyer sends you ONE letter, respond back with 25, or 50 letters to the attorney. All slightly different on different days a few days apart. The lawyer will be delighted to charge the HOA $250 an hour to respond to each of the 50 letters… ( lawyer saying “lets see… I’ll add $12,500 more to the HOA invoice this month!”)

           Someone can put this together with a “special group of security guards” that understand the situation. The are there for your protection to watch that things do not get out of hand. Make a meeting place where the HOA directors are NOT expecting you to show up. Someone (not you) calls them for a business appointment to meet them for an estimate or other business arrangement…maybe outside their place of business, a park, a restaurant… for a real meeting for a real business project.

         BUT   Only the person showing up is NOT the person wanting the estimate… The person meeting the HOA director is YOU and your security guards will slowly start to walk up and surround the group (not threatening them in anyway… they are there for your protection) while you explained that the meeting was canceled and you took this time to want to resolve your HOA problems. Explain that you met in public and you hope there won’t have to be a meeting at their house after hours.

            Be SURE to have someone video tape the meeting in public.. get the SCARED as SHIT expressions on their face. This video will protect YOU as you know that they will lie about the encounter. IF they do not SHIT their pants then you may be able to get them to “resolve” the problems LIVE RECORDED on video tape.

It    Its legal to hire a body guard, its legal to walk into a place of business, its legal to post public records that are available. Its legal to write blogs, its legal to protest, threatening to harm someone is NOT legalBut making an ass of yourself, meeting someone at lunch and surprise him with a “flash mob with signs” and protest at his place of business IS legal… “get it?”  (remember video tape and publish everything!) send this to his office and place of business!

       Publish the video on your blog and send copies of the blog to all of your neighbors In the community. IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL to meet someone in the public with your security for protection and a video to protect your interests. This is a LOT cheaper than 20 years in court.

MUST SEE!  and You can gather and send emails to anyone from anywhere. I targeted news reporters and sent my story all over the country! I targeted Bellville Texas and sent my blogs to every residence and business! Its LEGAL to tell my story! 

Mary Ann again: 
All citizens and even non citizens need creative approaches to handle the legal nightmare that is our HOAs in our neighborhoods. Face it, the American legal system is broken and beyond repair. I for one do not want to see homeowners spending years in courts and thousands of dollars to make attorneys richer than they already have become. 

I sense a swelling in many homeowners hearts that they just can't take the abuse any longer. Well, you do not have to. So all of you STAND UP AND TAKE THE GLOVES OFF - its time to use other ways and means (keep it legal folks!) to achieve your goal of a happy home life in your own houses and backyards with out the interference of your HOA legal letters and lawsuits. Lets take back our own homes. If HOA's have to deal with residents rising against the legal nonsense and protesting against them publicly believe me it will cause them to think before you get another lawsuit for the wrong color roses in your flower box. 

Stand up! We are Americans! Remember who you are, Wake Up! Take off the gloves.

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  1. Do a fee schedule, copyright your name in commonlaw, and do a 1099oid. email me at


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